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“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

— Les Brown —

Our Story

By your side through every season of life

Our story is not typical of most financial least not what they’d share.

We didn’t start our careers in this industry, and we’ve experienced our own financial highs and lows. But it’s because of our own journey that we have a unique perspective that allows us to connect with our clients on a deeper level.

We Believe in Carrying the Weight

Before becoming an advisor, Nick worked in military aviation inspecting planes. He understood what was at stake when he deemed a plane safe to fly, just like he understands the importance of his job today. Financial planning isn’t life or death in the same sense, but there’s still a great deal on the line for our clients, and it’s not a burden we take lightly. We want you to have peace that you’re always going to be okay—that everything you’ve worked so hard for is protected and maximized for years to come.

We Believe Goals Lead to Victories

In Sarah’s former role as a physical therapist, she had to understand each patient’s situation, identify an end goal to accomplish, and develop a strategy to get them there. Her job was to help them navigate challenges on their journey and keep them focused on the individual steps that would lead them to victory. Financial planning is the same way—we help our clients identify specific obstacles and opportunities, motivate them to keep moving, and guide them toward their ultimate vision of success.

We Believe Experience Beats Theory

Our road to financial freedom was paved with lessons learned the hard way. Early in our adult lives before we were advisors, we each had significant life challenges where our financial plan and security were upended. Although those the hard times weren’t easy, we learned a lot about how to better maximize and protect our wealth. If we knew then what we know now, we could have avoided some struggles, but it was an important part of our journey that allows us to offer experience-based guidance and advice.

We Believe Grit is Gratifying

Sarah grew up on a working farm in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, where both her parents worked the farm in addition to managing professional careers. Long days and persistent challenges were the norm, and she learned how to reap the rewards of steadfast determination. Today, we maintain this passion for problem-solving and hearty effort as we guide clients through their own challenges and victories.

We Believe the Best Success is Not Our Own

To us, serving others is truly life’s greatest reward. We love God, family, and our country, and we love helping people understand where they are, where they want to be, and how to maximize their greatness. We’re incredibly honored to do what we do, which is why we’ll never grow our business beyond what we can manage personally.